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Twitter Profile GeneratorYour current Username will show up here; now you can enter your new Username on the new Name bar. Fake Twitter Chat(DM) Generator. Add in your inputs Add in a small description to give the AI some context. Create fake twitter messages and prank your friends. Upload profile picture, make a screen-shot as you like with our tool and astonish your friends. Start from scratch or choose from hundreds of ready and waiting Twitter header templates to get your design off the mark. Use this Free Twitter Cover Photo Maker and don’t overpay for paid services. Create a profile picture that puts your best foot forward. This generator is not the slightest bit related with Instagram. Nobody cared about Michael Saylors Twitter account until he found the holy grail of engagement. Welcome to the elite, my friend. Output loads of detail including a biography, information about the important people in your character's life, and a timeline. Make a genuine twitter conversations by uploading your picture,managing your username,message text and message time accordingly. This page provides generated user profile, include username, password, email, login times, score and many parameters that many websites need to record. Free Twitter Banner Maker Online. com or open your Twitter app (iOS or Android). AI Does Its Magic Conto's AI will generate several headlines according to your inputs. Then I’ll Say that This Stylish Text Generator website helps you to generate online unique types of Cool | Fancy | Cute | Stylish Text Fonts. Write creative and engaging bios for your social media handles including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more! Just open the app and choose Profile Bio from the dropdown. Twitter Storytelling Generator Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and. you can Generate Fake Twitter Profile, set banner images, profile …. Twitter Font generator with over 80+ Twitter Fonts Create a unique and beautiful bio and name for your Twitter profile with our stylish Twitter fonts. The easiest tool for previewing your Twitter content. Start a conversation, right from your website. Step #4: If you are not satisfied with font list, click on "Load. Use this thingy to generate a Twitter bio for yourself. Once you type the text in the box, a wide variety of options appears underneath. Twitter Profile Scraper is the Anysite Scraper project that will scrape user profile details from Twitter. the only online fake Tweet generator that: Is updated with Twitter's current look. Check the changes you’ve made in the live preview of the Twitter Tweet mockup. Pick out some filters (length, level of username's security) and hit "Generate". Upload your own image, resize it, and add other elements such as text, shapes, and borders to craft your virtual representation. Generate Bio Tweet Created by @joshjs. NotionHQ is the typical example of a brand that passes the message of its brand with a short and straight-to-the-point bio. you can Generate Fake Twitter Profile, set banner images, profile. If you want to generate loyal customers, there’s no better way to do so than to be as honest and open as possible. Open Fotor and click on "Design" and then choose the "Twitter …. Published: 2021-09-07 | Size: 924x2000px. Download the fake Twitter Tweet screenshot to share and prank friends. g BTS Tweets, Trump Tweets etc to fool your friends. With our fake tweet generator with image you can easily customize and create an Twitter tweet in few seconds. Paste it on your twitter profile. The cursed text generator actually make set of symbols and special characters from the Unicode Text Symbols. This program uses jsvine/markovify. Type the text you want, the image you want to share, mention people in the tweet, add. Twitter now allows NFT owners to use an NFT as their profile picture which appears as a hexagon, but because they also allow transparent profile pictures, you can make it look like a hexagon without NFT owner status. The next metric is the Twitter bio length limit. While the holder of the most popular Twitter account, Barack Obama, is unlikely to use his tweets to make money, our calculator indicates that he could earn. Decorate your Twitter banner with your favorite NFTs @Kosukeh1101. Related keywords are added automatically unless you check the. Pride Filters For Everyone After Facebook released their Rainbow Filter to celebrate marriage equality we knew we wanted more than just our Facebook profile picture to get all those sweet, sweet photo filters. You can create a Donal Trump fake Twitter post, or fake …. Step #3: Click on “Copy” button to copy text. It’s best to shortlist a name that’s perfectly suited for your business and your target audience. Confused when it comes to social media advertising? Learn how to sign up for a Twitter Ads account and get started on a campaign. You can save Extracted Profile …. Where to find the information for your citation; Author names and usernames; Multimedia content in tweets; Citing a full Twitter profile . PicMonkey’s online Twitter banner maker tools help you create a stunning profile banner sure to attract casual profile viewers. The answer is simple - with good design. : 227255307 issued: February/13/2013 expires: February/12/2023 PHow to customize your Twitter profile – header, bio, and more. Tweet Gen allows you to create three types of images: Fake tweet, image of account blocked, and image of account suspension. How to generate a Twitter bio: Pick the Twitter Bio Generator Select the Twitter bio generator among our many templates. Upload your own images and instantly turn them into stickers. Generate a detailed profile for a realistic and rounded character. You can save Extracted Profile in EXCEL, CSV, and. Make the fake twitter chats like you want from the options present in the Fake Twitter Messages Generator interface. ツイッターで使えるアイコンを無料で作れます。 プロフィール画像を似顔絵風に自由に作成出来、 髪型や・顔の輪郭・顔のパーツも選び放題。 プロフィール . It's easy to use and very simple, but having latest Twitter layout and design as well as icons and buttons. Free Twitter Followers Generator No Human Verification No Survey You can get 50 new followers on your Twitter account absolutely for free. We do the hard work for you so that every time you update your …. Build your own fake twitter messages now. BNG Business Name Generator · 5. Thus today it is mostly associated with one’s avatar or, in other words, profile …. Tap the edit profile button which can be used to change your Twitter profile photo, cover picture, your bio and personal data. Prank me not — Fake tweet and chat generator. Step #1: Type or paste your text in input box Step #2: Twitter Text Generator will automatically create various fancy fonts for you. This is suitable for preparing lessons for you as well as for applying and transferring what you have learned. Twitter Fonts for Name, Bio & Tweet. Pansexual profile picture maker. Mit dem Twitter-QR Code Generator einen QR Code zum Posten eines Tweets oder Teilen Ihres Profils erstellen. Content creation in digital marketing is never easy. Invite up to 10 members to your Team Account and design together. WordPress Twitter Feeds - Here is another easy-to-use Twitter feed widget that lets users display their latest tweets. Mockup generator template for a mobile Twitter profile page. Browse through our Twitter templates to get inspiration for the kind of profile you want to create. 301 Twitter Bio Ideas for 2022: How To Write a Perfect Bio. The best Twitter Mockup to feature an image with the name of the profile, and the number of likes, retweets, and comments. This template allows you to create a unique and perfectly sized profile picture for every social media site, including …. Generator Followers Twitter Free. There are a huge variety of fonts that you can use on twitter - these are only the beginning of what Unicode grants us. Social media banners for: Youtube, Twitter…. The focus of this unit was Object Oriented Programming and unit testing. 2 hours ago On Twitter for Android: In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon. Photo Retouching Services The Twitter Profile Picture Maker …. Fake Twitter Profile Gererator. com is an online tool to generate fancy text font Providing an all text style to convert in random combinations and specific fonts as I mention in Bello the list website users. Make sure both photos are clear, high-quality, and create visual consistency. Twitter is a place to interact with people who are in your niche. Jimpix Additional Resources Pixelied Buffer TweetDeck TweetAdder How Do I Change My Twitter Handle? Final Thoughts. fake tiktok generator fake Tiktok profile maker TikTok Direct Messages Generator. Create multiple Brand Kits with your brand colors, fonts, and logos. just right-click save it! it's free! pentagon hexagon octagon star heart. It provides fantastic themes and different social media post dimension sizes. Create beautiful mockups for Twitter campaigns. Here, we provide you with many sharp and funny texts that convert your name stylish and give fancy looks. Recommended dimensions are 1500x500 pixels. Press "Ctrl-V" to paste the emoji from the clipboard into the Name field. Access 70M+ royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors. " If you want to create anything else outside of Twitter, Kapwing also offers a variety of other templates in their collection, from memes and TikToks to Instagram and YouTube video templates. The Profilepicturemaker is simply a web application to create a circular profile picture with a custom border or text around it. Twitter Profile Generator bingo card with Gay, BLM, Trans, He/They, (devient art lilnk), "RTs not endorsements", Geek, Transbian, Artist and (grifting link). Then, click on Username Option. Twitter Profile Generator generates your very own fake Twitter Profile and prank your friends. Can you sell beats as nft – apple to open doors to nfts on ios. Figma Twitter Hexagonal NFT Profile Picture Generator. Twitter bio generator - Stumped coming up with a social media bio? A ridiculously clever (or just ridiculous) bio is just a …. Create names for Youtube, Instagram, Twitter In addition to random usernames, it lets you generate social media handles based on your nameThe birthday generator generate a random birthday based on age inserted, for example, if the 5 and 10 are inserted, the generator will produces birthday of who are between 5 years old and 10 years. (Just click on the image to download, since phones don't have right click. Well, you’ve come to the right place because you’ve been using this tool for months. Black and Created Date: 2/11/2020 7:28:19 PM Jul 08, 2…. Use our Snapchat Simulator Tool and help your friend on all social media platforms. Keep the post short, sweet, and intriguing. Brother-sister duo Samantha and Nick Loui, the creators of . First, fill the text field at the top of the page with the text you want to customize. #No1 Fake Detail Generator. the only online fake Tweet generator that: Is updated with Twitter's current look Has options for a verified check mark and a custom like and retweet count Lets you add custom images Can generate images of reply chains Can generate images of users blocking you or being suspended Will have your friends believing your entirely fake screenshots. Canva’s profile picture maker lets you repurpose one image for every social media channel. PFP is an acronym for profile picture. You can change ANYTHING, use emoticons and even transfer your own profile photographs. TwitterやFacebookのプロフィール画像をオリジナルのアイコンにしてみたい 新 綾鷹KAMONジェネレーター」; シンプルすぎず、お手軽なのがいい!. Mark your favorites and you're good to go!. Add your own profile image, post text and image. Go to your Twitter profile, click Edit Profile, and begin writing in the Bio text box. Best Twitter Handle Generators [8 Options Worth Checking Out] 1. You don't have to download any software or to install any extension to use this tool. Try this Fake Tweet Generator, and create a Fake Post for free. Prettify your github profile using this amazing readme generator. Guys are you using social media platforms? Hmm If Yes, so you want to gain people attention on your social media profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can easily customize your tweets as per your requirements and …. Twitterアカウント自動作成。Twitter accounts generate automation by selenium. Twitter Profile Mockup Generator (Desktop) Use this handy mockup template for visualizing your design idea for twitter user or channel. 13 Best Online Fake Tweet Generators Tool…. The answer is simple – with good design. Your Twitter font will appear here. There’s a lot of different approaches to consider, but these. You can even generate images of reply chains, users blocking you, getting suspended, and more. You can leave this empty if you do not want it included. Download Twitter Profile as image. It's an awesome sound frequency generation app ! This frequency generator allows you to generate sine, square, sawtooth, or triangle waves in the 50HZ to 16000 HZ range. Simply type your normal Tweet text in the first box and the generator …. First use Simulators & Generate Fake Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook Chats & Posts with comments to offer your students some variety in dealing with content to learn about social media posting content before diving into real environment. This site not only lets the users generate tweets but also helps them to keep their identity secure. This is one of the best fake tweet generators available on the internet today. Tweet Generator is Make your very own fake Tweet and prank your friends. It is hassle free to use and generates variety of fancy twitter fonts quickly. Canva allows you to create awesome looking designs to keep your Twitter profile looking professional and fresh. Finally, type out what you want your tweet to say and then paste in the URL for your new tweet generator at the end of it. Make profile picture for twitter quickly and easily. Make your Twitter Profile stand out with Twitter Font Generator. Either the photo’s too small and you need to upload a new one, or it’s bigger than Twitter’s header layout and your hand picked image is cropped in ways that completely defeat the whole purpose. To cite a tweet in APA style, it’s helpful to know basic information including the Twitter user’s name and username, tweet text, date, time, and URL. Hit the "copy" button against the font that you like. Advanced Twitter Card Generator tool. Alternatively, right-click inside the field and select "Paste" from the context menu. Generate a random sexuality, gender identity, relationship status and romantic history. Click or tap the Edit profile button and you’ll be able to edit your: Header photo, also known as a “ banner ” (recommended dimensions are 1500x500 pixels) Profile photo (recommended dimensions are 400x400 pixels) Name. Use this tool to Attach rich content including photos, videos, and other media to Tweets completely free. They can be redeem to your bank account using a . How to Write a Good Twitter Bio: Tips, Ideas, and Examples. Create a Detailed Character Profile. Free Fake Twitter Account Generator. Add your own details: username, channel title, bio text, pinned tweet, profile and header image. BrandBird allows you to brand your accounts uniquely by creating templates, adding your brand colors, and your personal watermark!. Design Your Own Twitter Background! 背景画像にテキストやシェイプを追加したり、解像度を変えてイメージを確認できます。 themeleon :: Twitter Profile Designer . The tool is fairly simple: Plug in the URL of a tweet, hit the “generate” button, and get back IFrame embed code that you can paste into your own website, or forums that accept IFrame embeds. Benefits of Using Cool Twitter fonts: Create an eye-catching profile: The Twitter font generator primary purpose is to help you make your tweets and profile attractive by using cool text font. Upload your photos onto your Twitter banner and simply use Fotor's photo editor by clicking. It can scrape information like Profile title, address, website link, followers , following and joined date Etc. You need an attention-grabbing Twitter header which best represents your personality or brand. Tweet generator is a tool which can be used. How to use the new editor: Everything inside a dashed border is editable. Mark your favorites and you’re good to go!. Learn how to create a fake Twitter post (PC) screenshot in 3 steps. Fake Tweet Generator: Tools to make a fake tweet. If you want to explore the new Instagram fonts in 2021, our IG Font Generator or fancy text generator …. The TweetyAI generator uses the most up-to-date look of Twitter's tweets to make them look as convincing as possible. Our site will always be free to use, no …. twitter account generator free download. Create your prank fake tweet and save is as screenshot image to your device storage and share it with your friends and family, you can customize anything of your tweet such us Retweets or Likes Count, photo profile, Screen Name, Verified Badg, time and more. Please keep your input family …. Remove backgrounds from your images with a single click. Tweet Gen — Fake tweet and message generator. It uses only ASCII characters to use it on your Twitter & Instagram bio. The acronym has been rapidly adopted across all social networks and messengers across all user groups. Select the username you like the most and insert it into Twitter to make it your username. Here are the top changes and tips you should keep in mind next time you use Twitte. オススメのTwitterジェネレーター系サービスの紹介まとめ. Updated for Twitter's latest look, with Tweetgen you can make and share believable fake Tweets. author_name - The username of the author. Crop your photo to the perfect size, then use our free photo editing tools to enhance your pic. How to use a Twitter Card Generator. Create a real-looking fake tweet by uploading your profile …. TwitterやFacebookなどのSNS上で人気が高い、性格診断や似ている人診断、 解除する」「このアカウントでプロフィールとアカウントの設定を変更 . Pick out some filters (length, level of username's security) and hit. Profile Picture Maker 469 px × 469 px • Image Template This template allows you to create a unique and perfectly sized profile picture for every social media site, including Facebook, Twitter…. So we made this app to give your Twitter…. You can easily customize your tweets as per your requirements and generate cool as well as funky usernames. We take into account the probabilities of words appearing after each other in a sentence. com The Emoji Keyboard for the 15 Dec 21 copy & paste +upvote-downvote My Stephen King reading journey continues 💀 I read Pet Sematary for the first Jul 08, 2021 · Hacked fonts can be used on instagram bio, facebook, twitter, snapchat or any other social media profile. Once you have generated them, you have to insert them in the homepage of your website and get them approved by Twitter. My diverse expertise creates powerful marketing campaigns that generate ROI across a wide range of industries ⏤ I am. Open Fotor and click on "Design" and then choose the "Twitter Covers" option. The Twitter Bio Generator makes it so much easier to create the perfect title for your Twitter Bio. Tap whichever icon you have and select Settings and privacy. Customize this mockup in a live template editor. Random Twitter Account Generator LoginAsk is here to help you access Random Twitter Account Generator quickly and handle each specific case you encounter. Fake Tweet Generator - Generate Tweets wi…. you can Generate Fake Twitter Profile, set banner images, profile . You might have noticed that some users on Twitter are able to change the font of their tweets. Disclaimer: satirical post using a fake Twitter account generator. When you go to the Twitter Fonts generator, you can simply type the text that you want to change the font into a cool, fun-looking font. Add your own details: username, channel title, bio text, pinned tweet, profile . Using this fake tweet generator, you can create two types of images — fake tweet post and …. Use fake twitter profile generator to pretend like real twitter user without login into actual twitter account. Where you can generate marketing content with our fake social media simulators. Undertale text box generator. Generate Twitter Tweet and generate marketing content ( as an image) by our Generate Twitter Tweet Tool. Twitter Fonts Generator (copy and paste). An awesome tool for teachers to create fake tweets and use in the class. Make twitter profile picture online. Hotpot makes it easy to create stunning Twitter headers for yourself or your business. Write a sentence or a few descriptive words about yourself or your business. 8 Best Twitter Handle Generators in 2021 - …. Twitframe ), my tool simply wraps the Twitter …. Upload the best shot from your camera roll and redesign it for all your profiles. Twitter encourages people to search out other Twitter users and to keep tabs on what they're doing, including discovering who they are. Note: Make the chat like you want then click on "Save it" button to save your generated Twitter chat). Create a social media bio in seconds. · Go to the social media section and select the Fake Twitter Profile . You can have up to 8 Tweets at once. NFT Banner Generator (@nft_header) / Twitter. It does have other meanings, however, profile pic has become more common in recent years. Get the set for almost $100 off $1,597 at $1,499 today. You can even imitate celebrities to chat with you to fool your friends. You can upload your photo as a profile …. Andrew and Pete do that so well: 5. Just open the app and choose Profile Bio from the dropdown. You can easily make your profile picture for your twitter profile using our best online tool for free twitter profile picture maker. Get updates from someone on Twitter. Thus today it is mostly associated with one’s avatar or, in other words, profile picture. Open the template, then add anything you want to the canvas and make sure it fits. Simply choose your favourite Twitter header from our collection of layouts and customize the images, fonts and colors to your liking. Establish your presence on all platforms. It creates an Microsoft ExchangeT« Profile automatically so you never need to walk users through the setup wizard again. She wrote about how students can take part in this activity in which they create Twitter accounts. Now that Twitter has finally made its redesigned profile page widely available, it's time to begin refreshing your profile and make the best of new features. It is very simple to use, in few steps, you have a awesome text. If you’re searching for something specific like a gaming Twitter header template, a travel header template or a photography business banner, we have themed. Free MRR progress bar meter to showcase your progress toward your dream MRR goal. Now paste this copied text on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and on any other profiles. This is the Best Stylish Fonts. FREE Twitter Name Generator. This intelligent username generator lets you create hundreds of personalized name ideas. author_url - Url of the author, what he can give in his settings. Add your own text, images and make a fake Twitter account in seconds. If you want to create a stylish name or asthetics instagram,twitter profile name with fancy text, then you are welcome to our website. You can upload your photo as a profile picture or of another person or celebrity, depending on your desire. A Twitter bio should convince users that land on your profile to follow you. ANTLR ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) is a powerful parser generator for reading, processing. Upload picture, make a screen-shot as you like with our tool and astonish your friends with social media simulators. AI Does Its Magic Conto’s AI will generate several headlines according to your inputs. Click "Save changes" to change the name. Learn your tweets and generate tweet like your tweet! マルコフ連鎖によるツイート自動生成プログラム. Yes, even though all the information is fake, but we try to make it. Open Fotor and click on “Design” and then choose the “Twitter Covers” option. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Make Fake Tweet template like you want. Presales banners and post images. Upload profile picture , write as many chat messages as you like to the Twitter chat and astonish your friends. Your display name and account @name. Published: 2020-05-06 | Size: 2600x2400px. In addition to random usernames, it lets you generate social media handles based on your name, nickname or any words you use to describe yourself or what you do. #ig_sg #sg #singapore #ig_singapore. You don't need any graphic design experience to create. com Twitter Profile Scraper is United Lead Scraper project to scrape profiles information from Twitter. It has a good distribution and it is non-repeating Start by brainstorming what words could fit into your business name But these …. Twitter Fonts Generator (𝓬𝓸𝓹𝔂 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓹𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮) …. Add your own details: username, channel title, bio text, pinned tweet, profile and …. After completing the above procedures, you can download your fake tweet in the form of jpeg format or for better quality you can take a screenshot of it. Create beautiful images for Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, LinkedIn, and boost your social media views & engagement in seconds. LoginAsk is here to help you access Free Twitter Account Generator …. See what people are saying and join the conversation. It’s unique to you, appears in your profile URL, and is tied to everything you do on. You can add a custom rounded border on profile picture in seconds!. RuPaul’s Drag Race offers a master class on Twitter bios, with a greeting, preening, handle linkage, and hashtag all in the first sentence. How to use twitterfontgenerator website tool? Step 1 - Enter the text which you want to convert in new fonts Just enter the text you want to display in different fonts in the field "Your Text Here" Step 2 - Select font of your choice and just click on the font to copy it. Has options for a verified check mark and a custom like and retweet …. Twitter Followers Generator for Free A full type of cash app code is a Cash App Money Code. Not anymore! You don’t need to have expert design skills to produce an outstanding Twitter header in Fotor. We offer designs for developers, lawyers, accountants, …. Create a Character's Sexuality Profile. Unlike other generators, we're eliminating the pesky process of downloading a program to use our alts. you can Generate Fake Tweet post, comments, like etc. How to Get a Twitter Hexagon PFP without Owning an NFT. Fake Twitter Tweet Mockup Generator. Generate your very own fake Instagram Profile and prank your friends. Just follow these three steps to get your eye-catching Twitter name: Insert a keyword (s) that describes your Twitter profile's content for other users to understand what profile …. Twitterアカウント自動作成 Twitter accounts generate automation by selenium. 1578 Sussex Turnpike Randolph, NJ 07869 Ph: 800-272-9278 Fx: 973-598-3810. Your Twitter name and your Twitter username are two different things. I am an experienced content writer and digital marketing expert, with a proven track record of writing engaging, informative content. Twitter Storytelling Generator Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Hidden Markov Model POS-TAG (Part-of-Speech Tagging). How to Create an Outstanding Twitter Header. Users should be able to know what you …. Oh, who am I kidding — just make it your Twitter profile picture, and change your display name to some geometry-shaped pun. Next, log into your Twitter account and click on “Create Tweet” at the top of your screen. The fancy text generator is your writing text is converted in symbols with different stylish text. How to Use the Fake Twitter Account Maker Tool? · At first, visit the FakeInfo. 1,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. The tweets are generated based on the last 100 tweets posted by the user. Twitter Bio Generator Twitter Bio Generator Don't think too hard about it. Canva allows you to create awesome looking designs to keep your Twitter profile …. Along with high appreciates and retweets in your Twitter article, more Twitter followers will upgrade . Check the changes you’ve made in the live preview of the Twitter Tweet …. Now paste this copied text on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and on any other profiles…. Note: If your new Username is not taken, it will show a Tick mark. The NordPass username generator helps you create unique, secure, and fun Click on the usernames to instantly check their availability on . For example, if you are active on Twitter, you probably have sent a tweet to someone by mistake due to mixing up their Twitter handle. Twitter Font Generator is ️ Twitter Bio Twitter Fonts MonoSpace 𝚃𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝙵𝚘𝚗𝚝 𝙶𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛 𝚒𝚜 ️ Double Struck 𝕋𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝔽𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝔾𝕖𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣 𝕚𝕤 ️ Bold Serif. com is trying to give you the best fake tweet generator, reply chain maker, and Twitter poll generator. The Twitter image resizer offers image editing options in multiple sections where a user can upload his/her image in the Twitter app/website, these categories include- - Twitter profile photo. No more trying to be clever and witty. Either the photo’s too small and you need to upload a new one, or it’s bigger than Twitter…. In other words, if you say fuel=Foul Flesh the. Simply type your normal Tweet text in the first box and the generator will convert it into a bunch of different fonts which you can copy and paste into your Tweets, or in your Twitter bio, and just about anywhere else on the. S1mple twitter A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / …. Change Twitter User name From Twitter App: Tap on the Profile Icon on the Top Left Corner.